Custom Cyanotype

Custom Cyanotype


For a contribution of $75, I will make you a custom cyanotype print on approximately 11” x 14” paper! The cyanotype process is one of the oldest photographic methods still in use. You will probably recognize it as the process that botanists used in the late 19th Century to documents different species of plants.

I will work with you to create a cyanotype using objects of your choosing and that would be appropriate for the process. (Things that work well are objects with varying transparencies or delicate details. As mentioned, plants & flowers usually work extremely well.) The result will be a negative of that image in white transposed on a very beautiful medium to dark blue, i.e. cyan.

Fine Print:
- This process is unique and one of a kind. There may be some anomalies that can happen in the print, which are totally normal. Along with working with your imagery, you can choose between a bleed print (where the blue/cyan color will go all the way to the edge of the paper), or from a more painterly brush stroked edge.

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