Digital Print on 8" x 10" paper

Digital Print on 8" x 10" paper


For a contribution of $25.00, I will send you an 8”x10” digital print of your choosing from one of the images in the below gallery! Normally, I only do editions of 10 in each size for each photo, but I will open it up for this fundraiser. If the edition sells more than 10 prints, the edition will be closed and you will be the only people on the planet to have a digital print of that photo! Fancy!

+ I will give you a shoutout on my website, complete with a link to your own site if available!

Fine Print:
- please note that images will be printed on the afore mentioned paper and does not necessarily reflect actual image size. Image will be sized accordingly to fit the largest dimensions possible.
- all images will be printed on Epson Exhibition Fiber paper, as well as printed from an Epson P800 printer.

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