Personal Photo Shoot / Event Photography

Personal Photo Shoot / Event Photography


I would like to further broaden my experience with event shooting: weddings, engagements, child birthdays, pets, seances or anything else you may want documented. To help facilitate this, I am offering a low fee for these services, as compared to other more accomplished event photographers. My ideal client for this would be someone who needs something a bit on the inexpensive side and is ok with a package that would not necessarily have the bells & whistles associated with a larger fee. I will work with you directly to determine what your ideal final product/s would be and we can go from there.

The $500* base fee is what I had in mind for things like weddings, which would include approximately up to 15 printed images, along with 50 edited, digital images. All images will be shot with a Canon Mark iV, a full-framed digital camera for high quality images, and personally printed from my studio. I am also open to shooting with film and other possible alternatives that we can discuss on a case by case basis. Negotiations are also welcome to help personalize the package details to the occasion.

*Please keep in mind that if not locally based, any traveling costs would be in addition to this base fee.

Please email me directly to work out details. Once everything is settled upon, a deposit of 1/2 the contribution cost will be due, with the other have due on receipt of the edited and printed images.

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