Custom Polaroid + Shout Out

Custom Polaroid + Shout Out


For a contribution of $25.00, I will send you a real polaroid photo of a subject of your choosing! (Within reason of course - no tooth fairies, extraterrestrials, imaginary friends, etc. - pretty much anything I can find on the island of Galveston.) I will contact you and ask what your photo should be of, and you can choose your image to be in color or black and white!

I also have several already developed polaroids for sale in my general shop.

*I should note here that the polaroid film currently available is not as good of quality as the classic polaroid film of the yesteryears - while the medium has been thankfully revamped, streaks and small anomalies are common in this new film. Please be aware that those are just now a part of the process & aesthetic. Please see examples above for examples.

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