Place: Rice Media Center, Rice University, Houston, Texas

Dates: Install throughout August 2019, open early September 2019

Working Title: InBetween | A rock and a hard-place

Summary: Much of my work generally addresses one’s relationship to a site through time, connecting and documenting the seen and un/seen connections. The show, InBetween | A rock and a hard-place, examines the unsettled time that we all live in. We, as a global society, will experience a huge coming shift in the way we will live our lives that we cannot yet define. This show explores that shift while using a specific site - the Houston area of Texas (or Texas in general?) as a reference point. The world is very physically changing and we as a species have yet to map out how to navigate that change. Yet we are all more than this planet, more than these sites, more than our environments.

The work included in this show will be lens-based, installation-based and hand-based. The lens-based images shown act as physical places out of time, caught in the shifting transition, landscapes that were and that will be still, with or without conscious acknowledgement. Yet, through these sites, the work dives into the foggy earth of consciousness and the grip they have in the specifically American identity of this place and time. These landscapes are both familiar and foreign, and we experience them with both a belonging and a questioning that shapes our identity on a psychic level. That psychic connection is imperative, because the land, as an entity, will outlive us all, no matter how hard we try to destroy it, inadvertently or not. The land will survive and the land has things to tell us, sometimes quite phonetically. We come from the land, we will return to the land - the land is where our collective psyche will lie. The land is made up of our ancestors and our descendants, and it speaks as they did and will.

In collaboration with that idea, there will be sheets of vinyl that cover parts of walls in words that come from an Ovilus device. The Ovilus is a device invented for and used in paranormal research. The makers describe the device as something that “converts environmental readings into words”. I often use this device in my work not to necessarily communicate with spirits, but as a potential way of giving the land and opportunity to speak through those “environmental readings”. These words become long lists that form a sort of poem where context can be taken as a whole, through groupings of words, or through searching for meaning in the abstract, much like we do with art itself.

(For an example, please go here and scroll to about mid-page where the majority of the text starts.)

The installations act as instruments to connect points in the mobius strip of time, both to themselves, to that which was and to that which is yet to be. (Further information and description of site-specific installation to follow; for past examples please see gallery below.)

The hand-based work will be drawings that can act as maps or interpretations of how to navigate a landscape that cannot or does not yet exist. (Drawings currently in progress. Examples of past drawings can be seen in the gallery below.)

Through the work, the goal is to have the viewer find a better sense of their relationship to their environments while being motivated to have more care with those sites. The idea of a social practice does not, and cannot, be regulated to solely a large group effort. In the end, it is an individual that has to be brought to challenge their own experiences. Change happens person by person, even if by grand scale. People do not change unless that person themselves decides to.

Thoughts on The InBetween: The InBetween is an extension of my physical self that moves through what we experience as reality, living in and out of time and place. It explores that reality in a state that is neither here nor there, yet present at all times. It slips and shuffles and slides through the curtain of reality that separates what we see in a physical life from the unknown mechanics that move the scenery. This extension touches upon notions of the multiverse, the possible hidden dimensions left to be discovered in physics, the invisible yet palpable nature of dark matter - invisible forces that make up and guide our lives that yet exist outside the realm of visibility. The InBetween can be viewed as a conduit for these energies, but it exists really just to be an experience of a conscious being moving through this space and drawing attention to points along the way. The InBetween does not exist to prove or to show anything, it just is.

Ultimately, The InBetween is one moving piece on a board of constant playing, interacting with the other pieces on their own trajectories, wanting to highlight certain experiences while acknowledging and encouraging all the other pieces to do the same: to explore and document their own worlds.

Further Inclusion & Research: Energy / Houston, relationship between creation and destruction. Energy as a constant, something that cannot be created nor destroyed, yet how energy creates life.

Above: General photo of the Media Center Gallery

Above: General photo of the Media Center Gallery

Rough sketch for basic installation.

Rough sketch for basic installation.

Below: Images under consideration for inclusion; negatives of images will be scanned on a high-def Imacon scanner and then printed digitally.

Sliding through planes / Folded In-Between dimensions

Sliding through planes / Folded In-Between dimensions

Below: Examples of past drawings, similar ones will be included in this exhibition, roughly 17” x 22” each.

Below: Examples of past installations