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Systematic Magic - Tracing waves on an island that has been rebuilt as many times as it has been destroyed. 

" . . . and here by the ocean, the sky's full of leaves - and what they can tell you depends on what you believe."

Systematic Magic: 07

Systematic Magic: 07


Below: Systematic Magic - Study 01

Below: Systematic Magic - Study 02

Below: Systematic Magic - Study 07

Systematic Magic: 03 - Looking out into America, 10/02/17 Digital Photograph 2017

Systematic Magic: 03 - Looking out into America, 10/02/17
Digital Photograph

Systematic Magic: 04 Digital Photograph 2017

Systematic Magic: 04
Digital Photograph

Systematic Magic: 06 Digital Photograph 2017

Systematic Magic: 06
Digital Photograph


Ghost Writing: 29.305899, -94.797162
Notes: bolding denotes artist notations amongst sequences in words; word is spelled in way it was received; quotation marks around words means that phrase as given in one instance; reads in order of received from left to right; number next to a word corresponds with a footnote at the bottom of this page. 

Tuesday, December 12th 2017 - Approx. 4:00pm - 5:30pm
Warrant Syllabus Rolled Together Tesla Son Tone Closet Slower Follow Knot L Faster Drift Remove Forever Abort Very Weeps Pace Threshold Fun Lift Soup Candle Syllables Castle Around Yank I Again Minute Ago Express Adultery Shepherd Telepathy Pulled Song Climbed Shift Dark Remember Evil Star Muscle Jen Current School Worry Crayon Happen Stars David Length Potential Wed Got Alive Dirty Foreign Medium Timid An Shaken Paint Placebo Certain Nine Third Poem Learn Breaker Since Clock Task Scruple Beckon Ida Sixty Hobble Rot Brad Beer Gravity Fog(1) So Wishing Dust Office Divided Said Carpet Find Coat Bang Far Steam Crops Page Baby Scratch Faith Knife Spell(2) Pattern Forever Fifty Release Running Concentrate Several Shy Dig Group James Knot Satan (3) Wanted Rusts Tied Disk Seed Up Oracle Bar Flowers Placebo Wrong Cupcake(4) Malevolent Sift Gender September Park Shot None Restore Area Spread Religion Money Blaze Middle Hobble Troop Son Cotton(5) Ran Legion Provide Constant Complete Leader Console Walter French Northern(6) Relax Went Dollar Turnover Nation Dirty Black(7) Rule Pierce Position Alignment Ship Team Spirits Gun Fay Wings Cycle Copper Slave When Cried Place Have Speed Army Thurifer(8) Myself Evening Chest Consonant Without Date Real Gail Noise Purified Dark Hate(9) Else Age New Of Placebo Running Ron Addition Bill Opening Drive Spirit Poverty Lamb Stand Bail Fast Trip July Symbols Tesla Process Fuzzy Center Engine Small Seven Where Poppa Nerd(10) Heaven Clairvoyant Yell Hurt Fruit High News Dirty Yank(11) Monument Coat Sorry Club Grandmother Cloud Cycle Head Possibly Side Climbed Answer Any Garden Food Part Northern Filter Tub Vase Wheat American Pass 5 Discernment From Day Fifty Pair Died Wont Placebo Us Haunting Limp Palace Shock Hair Board Jacket Sail Built U Mini Eerie Jade Puncture Full Blaze Radio Century Press Hemataus(12) Plain Percent Hope Fit British Unlock Yourself Dress Table Cause Room Chief Field Older Bind Panel Would Yell Presidents(13) They Region Really Dig Turn Wish Feeling Divided Roadway Sift Dug Pulled Tragic Trail Jack Rest Malicious Tesla Dinner Catch "All Right" Leaven Jewelry Page Famous Him Alice Suggested Across Placebo Blow Space Sally(14) Woods Instead Gas Against Sadness(15) Arrived Mine Pace Vast Always Stood Not Priest Pounds Son Sandy Cable Stool Such Passed Noun Banshee Gasp Weeps Sink And Tick File Far Ida Wrench Haunting Off Master Computer Tube Won Much Memory Second Bridge Felt Ball Set Shirt 5 Slowly Mirror Jupiter "Rose Line" Ahead Poverty Please(16) Weapon Freeze Oxygen Being Casket(17) Jackie Mini Shown Stone Science Move Farmers Dictionary Band Confess Lust American(18) Raid Man Drag Beware No Single Surface Tube Won Much Memory Second Bridge Felt Ball Set Shirt 5 Slowly Mirror Jupiter "Rose Line" Ahead Poverty Please(19) Weapon Freeze Oxygen Being Casket Jackie(20) Mini Shown Stone Science Move Farmers Dictionary Band Confess Lust American(21) Raid Man Drag Beware(22) No Single Surface(23) Children Decided Stand Heart Threshold Raised Derick Truck Alcohol(24) Sacrilege Placebo Interrupt Woven Cake Bracelet Comfort Dug Tweak Character(25) Jumped Cube Lagoon Resent Stretched Lead Details Note Digging(26) Wisdom Us Tim Monument Abort Vern Master Leg Aggression Above Score Disease Cellar Foreign Slave(27) Around Oxygen Sign Aqua Slam(28) Frame Strong Index Stars Funeral Several Learn Carry Lose Thurifer Threat Prop Column Yell Numbers Tide Seem Upon Such Ameline(29) Glove Which Tilde Marry Free Touch Week Sober Roadway Being(30) Script Soon Priest Living 5 Passed(31) Branches Healer Religion Produce Contrition(32) Street Violent Placebo Who Brace Indian(33) Far Least Snap Judge Value Average Liberty(34) Equal Creek Sugar Interest Master(35) Pastor Four Clap Ring David Ashes Nickel Written Gag Spirit Swim(36) Today Us May Window Triangle Hobble Face Last Grace Ambition Truck Adam Cause Daddy Jack Horrible(37) Exit Hand All Portal Uphold Leg Beckon(38) Cotton Mountain Heard Strength Thought Once Eggs Skill Will Monument Meet Home Weeps Amanda Call Hero(39) Placebo Man Hunting Washington Foreign(40) Mattress Wed Remove Represent Providence Flower Hill None Ravine Winter Picked Would Plate Healer Halo Mouse Shift Voice Leaven Divided Yellow Palatine(41) Better Vern Crescent James Monitor Timid Material We I Learn Forever Ask Clouded House Grandmother Ameline Suggested Joined(42) Pass Phone Noise(43) Sentence Down Woods Limit Climb Them Grind Stood Drunk Battery France Suddenly Little Render Upon Kansas Luck Bath Understand Beans(44) Minute Placebo Up "Do Run" Running(45) Son Chain Is Read Swim Thank Knot Heard Pendant Smell Jan Soak Chest Ashes Hobble Beast Hand Cast Beth Van V Would Record Duty Father Other Trillion Camera Tight Wrong Black Sure Informed Soul Easy Well Porch Monitor Frank Ran(46) Month Murder Robert Only 5 Puncture Appetite Sad Index Percent Poppa Leaven Threshold Cheat Blog Leather Nerve Floor Full Pole Do Moat Jess Struck Threat Portal Suddenly Design Follow Difference Engine Starve Friend Dock Release Placebo Corn Cellar Most Devil Which Thousand Central Pinkie Pass(47) Train Fraction Tomb Concentrate Ever Edison Hop Abort Fog Chief Common Labor Nickel Hot Star Syllables Hernia Sacrifice AI Sum Woods Kelly Hockey Trail Scared Mop Swell Friendly Hello Soak Dam Any Ok Crash Funeral Thus Bomb Shuttle Shock Haunted Quarantines(48) Felon Bell Island Vowel As Bail Brace Room Call Doctor Thick Temperature Purified Dash West Morning Low School Reveal Equation Black Work Soul Knot Dan Seat Dress Placebo Bind Dock Roadway Remote Eleven Win Men Appetite Region Jade Chief Castle Music Starve Providence Myself Mist William Steven Gag Tomb Inner Error Matter

3. James is not Satan? Good to know, note to self. James puts Satan in knots? 
4. I sincerely hope there are cupcakes in the afterlife.
5. The building that houses the Galveston Artist Residency used to be used for cotton bailing.
6. I am a northerner . . . 
8. I had no idea what this word was . . . according to Google a thurifer is "an acolyte carrying a censer". A religious person carrying some kind of censor? Like, a sensor maybe? Or is censoring something/someone? 
9. No thanks. 
10. Yes, that is me.
11. Yikes. I guess . . . looking back to number 6. 
12. This is another word I did not know - there seems to be discussion on Twitter that a Hematastat is a "blood and tissue texting unit". Others think it might be a name. There is a blog out there called Hematus. Google also gives me a link to a Wikipedia page that is full of the names of "theological demons". Lovely. 
13. Yes, our current president does yell. A lot. And needlessly. 
14. Sallie (with an ie) Oleta is the administrative coordinator at GAR?
15. Me too. 
16. No thanks. 
17. Oxygen beings in caskets? 
18. Confessing lust for Americans? 
19. Again, no thanks - though there are a lot of repeated phrases ahead . . . This seemed to only happen in this specific segment of the recording. Coincidence? 
20. Repeated phrase from number 17.
21. Repeated phrase from number 18. 
22. Beware of men in drag? 
23. Repeated phrase.
24. Accident involving a truck and alcohol? 
25. We all need tweaks in our character sometimes. 
26. I was recording these words in an area right outside the residency, at the intersection of Broadway and Mechanic Streets. This specific area is currently being dug up for a housing development. 
27. Galveston is the site of Juneteenth Proclamation, where on June 19, 1865 it was announced that all slaves in the state of Texas were free. Since Texas was not a battleground state (for the most part), the Emancipation Proclamation in 1862 did not automatically free Texan slaves unless they escaped. On June 19th, Gordon Granger stood on the balcony of Ashton Villa in Galveston announcing the freedom of all Texan slaves. There are estimations that 250,000 slaves were currently being held in Texas at the time, with approximately 1000 of those in Galveston.
28. Aqua slam = hurricane? Galveston is still the site of the worst natural disaster in North American history with the 1900 hurricane that killed anywhere from 6000 to 12,000 residents of the island. 
29. Ameline is a name, and a pretty specific one . . . will look for connections. 
30. Perhaps in relation to number 24? 
31. Several members of the clergy were killed in the 1900 hurricane, I will have to research the exact number. 
32. I feel like this is a very specific word of Catholic remorse or penitence? 
33. The Native Americans who lived on the island before and during early settling were called the Karankawas. There is much, much more to their story, but they were eradicated from the island in 1847. 
34. Again, Juneteenth? Civil War?
35. Again, slaves? 
36. Ocean swimming? The flooding of the island at various points? 
37. Horrible Daddy Jack.
38. Beckoning with legs? 
39. We're all holding out for a hero
40. Foreign men hunting Washington? Civil War? The British looking for George? Interestingly, the pirate Jean Lafitte, who had a major hand in developing contemporary Galveston, was considered a hero in The War of 1812 in the Battle of New Orleans. 
41. Palatine could mean a number of things, the most interesting of which is a reference to European high-level officials. It also could refer to a place named Palatine, the palatine bone, or those really fancy Xenomorphs in the Alien franchise. 
42. Grandmother Ameline Suggested to join something? 
43. Imagine a ghost from pre-modern era, asking for a phone and being like, "pass the noise thing". ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
44. Magic beans? 
45. Da do run-run-run, da do run-run
46. Da do run Frank, da do run run?
47. I don't know, it just sounded fun.
48. Interesting, given the amount of disease that has plagued (pun intended) the island - particularly Yellow Fever. 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017 - 11:50pm - 12:48am
Messenger, Sub, Psychic
*not very talkative tonight

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"Waning moon in platonic dreams . . . Be the wild, the wild fire"