Archive - Ghost Writing: Systematic Magic
Notes: bolding denotes artist notations amongst sequences in words; word is spelled in way it was received; quotation marks around words means that phrase as given in one instance; reads in order of received from left to right; number next to a word corresponds with a footnote at the bottom of the entry; the amount of words received usually depends on how much I move around with the device - there are times I keep it in my pocket as I move about my studio, other times it sits stationary; if a repeated word has no new context or meaning to me, there will not be another footnote made after the initial entry. 

Monday, December 18, 2017 - Approx. 12:30am - 1:30am
Together "Can You" Sh Halo Ran Malevolent Hair Rhonda Evening Eggs Sift Slight Walk Brass Choose "Hipid Hop" Tone Crawl Interrupt "Am Not" News Sacrifice Prop Oi Shaken Especially Gail Glove Most Haze Underline Tried Train Maximum Like Chills Wings Akasha Sense Bail

Tuesday, December 19, 2017 - late evening
Together "Can You" Sh(1) Halo Ran Malevolent Hair Ronda Evening Eggs Sift Slight Walk Brass Choose "Hipid Hop"(2) Tone Crawl Interrupt "Am Not"(3) News Sacrifice Prop Oi(4) Shaken Especially Gail Glove Most Haze Underline Tried Train Maximum Like Chills Wings Akasha(5) Sense Bail
(1) Rude
(2) Either the unknown is trying to describe rabbits, or some poor square is trying to get into that new fangled rap music. Interestingly, I have looked over the list of words that is possible to be said several times, and I did not see "Hipid Hop" among them. Now, there are a thousand words, so it's quite possible that I missed it. I will update if I find it. 
(3) Are too! 
(4) It is around Christmas time . . . maybe there's a punk fan in the unknown? Or a fan of old school No Doubt
(5) This was my favorite book of the series

Wednesday, December 20, 2017 - Approx. 12:30am - 3:30am
Used Sail Truth Seat Reveal Touch Tool Justice Camera(1) Bridge Leg Only Drunk Fish Rapture(2) "Do Run" Shaken What Stuff Saliran(3) Wish Chloride(4) Heat Jack Finish Above Stay Rolled Contrition Had Bright Smooth Lady(5) Press As Measure Elemental Coffin(6) Pam Fay(7) Screw Poem(8) Older The Minute(9) Malevolent Forty Dives And Deal(10)
 (1) Not an uncommon thing to have on me.
(2) Hang each night in . . . 
(3) This is an interesting word; from what I can find, it is a somewhat common surname of people living in the United States. However, there is also the word meaning in Malay, which means something to do with drainage. In fact, if you google the word "Saliran", one of the sites that comes up is a Malay water treatment page. It's an interesting coincidence given the history of Galveston Island and the immigrants who came here, combined with the fact that I've been pulling so many pipes and such out of the digging site in front of the residency. 
(4) No association, just interesting.
(5) Indeed.
(6) "Elemental Coffin". Good metal band name.
(7) Wray?
(8) I often have the same sentiments. 
(9) Older by the minute? Thanks for reminding me. 
(10) Forty Dives and Deal. Another good name for something. 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018 Approx. 12:30am - 2:30am
Snap Placebo Empath Immersion Us Interrupt Nation

Friday, January 5, 2018 Approx. 12:00am - 2:00am
State Stretched Rodger Poltergeist Drive Spoon Closet Ship Him Remove Cheat Ronda Several Course Roadway Tied L Jack Swim Few Bed Evening Word Voice Dives Hour Beside Her Strong Three Slower Rule Placebo Arms Supply Eerie Adjective Dress Talk Peace Movie Shop Most Pop Ida Bacon Middle Terms Reel AI Became Person Remote Stuff Cow Statement Gone Holy Maximum Science Sleep Hammer Beer Wrong Tried Sift Cards Safe Disk Students Coat Slain Fuzzy Clock Wishing Far While Edison Up Radio Its Suit Bridge Task Heat Homicide Wrench Chain Cycle Mop Puddle Ever Trip Dives Son Tear Power Use Messenger Guy Watch Feeling Jack Monitor List Deceit Syllables Toward Around So Placebo Form Real Find Coffin Cheat Sacrilege Off Puncture  Shown Kite Hurt James Rolled Poor Seventy Saliran Healer Animal Lead Cloud Eerie Camera Ambition Stunt Suffix Wife Those Robert Suddenly Will Mostly Boy Cannot Monument Total Quick Soak Soul Something Perhaps American Dune Fast Devil Wings Pillow Divided Myself Supply Van Male Aqua Filter Alice Husband U War Aim Hate John Angle Especially Cause Interrupt Diction Felt Forty Stretched Ok Chloride Cold Workers Bacon February Dash Tone Reel Guy Kept Evening Guess Some Mad Vinegar Washington Cement Used Rage Black Walk November Thus Sand Date Quest Sky Gauze Soil Cannot Placebo Wire Opening Scream Fame Crayon Cook Basement Threat "For Me" Beg Puddle Europe Called But Feel Control Slur American Bath AU Southern Tesla Gone Several Easy Master Inside Else Puncture Sunset Wear Bush Nod Salvation Class Ago Foreign Lash Judge Plain Divided After Trip Table Up Watch Head L "Hipid Hop" Chris Hallow Tool Deep Resent Science Grandma Yank Congruism Quest Per Cube Placebo Magic Cold Ambulatory Intent Built Haunting Spirits gas Farmers Tip During Breaker Alley Disturb Stomach Filter Chief Suffix Paralysis History Third Grandfather "For Me" Strong Region Had Cheat 8 Who Holy Stop July Cost Cut Casket Eggs Away Brave Aggression Phone Unclear Ago Pound Dan Release Reel Cloud Temperature Arms Cable Nail A Gag Little Weeps Copper Pendant Jackie Straight Level Slave Derick Drift Gauze Closet Upon 5 Finger Console Hike Stars Text Rolled Wings Central Smooth Turning Maze Decimal Printed Tub Month Tim Speed Aim Big Set Religion White Record Happens August Matter Easy Interrupt Tail Joke Ledge Cheat Grandmother Pattern Buy Basement Continued Home Threshold Strong Stick Brave Character I Ride Beer Ok Voice Frigid Pam Presidents Paint Baby Breaker Measure Fuzzy Rail Soup M Hair Homicide Erase If Often Developed "Sacra Res" Slain Desk Providence Those Energy Noise Crescent Steven Gone Several Myself Living Feeling Reach Closet Nana Son Stab Pulled Read Kite Unlock Leaven Castle Bush Month Paragraph Congruism Face Wrench Placebo Sunset Position Hang Hobble Quick Real Monument Memory Prop Gail "Hipid Hop" Power Halo Flow Material Third Eggs Fifty Ameline Alone Pendant Club Monitor Heat Satan Act Scientists Done Grain Sky Sacrifice Smell Million Slight Went Lead Revoked Far Shove Corner Wait Burning Fast Please Voice Evil Eye No Used Breakfast Drift Spirit Cow World Leg Bath Like Dress Nod Fork M Belong Bunny Ring Hurt Turning Heaven Broken Cycle Yell Nail Twenty Strength Anomalies Paint This Sum Fraction Grand Birds Flow Geek Mason G Tweak New Huge It Poem Trace Ambition Blue Power Akasha Earth Baby Religion Wow Bill Powder Nine Rope Level Disregard Watch Funeral Synn Air Five Ship Century Placebo Shift He Mouth Density Puck Leader Surely Any Army Keep Hemataus Energy Nancy Eggs Legs Tick Boat Party "Sacra Res" Teen Monachi Create Bar Soon Very Wings Alice Guess Form Often Haze Disk Able Crayon Bright Arms Divided Stretched Fade Mad British M I Field Wrench Shy Noise Blanket Safe Power Drone Rate Nod Leg AI Darkness Ok Through Anything Seat Heat Group Starve Raid Oi Region Grind Paint Storm Knot Placebo Blind

Update, 4/25/18 - I fell majorly behind on my Ghost Writing daily commitment, though I did turn on the device at different random points. Here are the words I received in between today and the last entry of January 3, 2018:

Poem Shown Minute What Crescent Noise Lasting Had Threshold Immersion Maybe Dives Wish Measure Truth Speak Period Legs Branches Crayon Foot Slain Beckon Form Age Heard Jog Arms Sentence Dress Money Tim "Night Time" Ok Oxygen Strong Mustard Developed Providence Healer Fall Bush Eggs Knee Terms Alone Healer Dan Head Lark Hunting Weeps Cause Pushed Pole E