2014 CAA Fellowships

I happened to come across the list of emerging artists who were awarded or received honorable mention for CAA fellowships for 2014, and there's a lot of great work amongst them. Here are a few who I personally responded to: 

Ann Bartges - http://annbartges.com
Liss LaFleur - http://www.lisslafleur.com
Jaime C. Knight - http://www.jaimecknight.com
Patrick Segura - http://patricksegura.com
Valentina Vella - http://valentinavella.net/main

A CAA Fellowship was something that I should have applied for in grad school, but never could get my shit together in order to do so, something I now regret. I highly encourage all graduate students to apply - it's essentially a big help towards your work and academic expenses. You can find out more information here